Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Water is a perspective of collaboration and the vehicle it is makes it possible. I need this integrated synergy as I endeavor to collage and collaborate my whole Creative Life with Roberts's, as we prepare a show that embodies our color, line, and richness of the Garden we organicly grow out of, as the sacred beings of the Fey world we are.

Made flower essences combined with gems and crystals this week in the garden, Water Seed of Ether Synergy. Drying herbs and flowers as I once did 30 years ago when I had a cottage industry" Valley Hill Herbs And Everlastings " that supported 30 families and my own.

Robert and I are creating a synergy that will create a tapestry that our etherous language, poetry, patterns, and words can be woven into this upcoming work that we will show in December, "Return of the Fey (Fairies),The Wooded Way".

It is a bit overwhelming and has taken this whole year to just be ready to begin. Water Seed of Ether A Deep Dive. Love Raven Su.Sane.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Settling in to this day slowly I fold into my morning Yoga and elongate my body and mind.
I am filled with the language of my soul that opens my heart and mind to a new perspective on space.

The alchemy of space is quite magical when it is allowed to create change. Yesterday we relocated everything in our studio and started to create with a new mind held within our work. New questions that we had never heard before, began to erupt between the answers we had before, and some things needed no longer an answer. It was enough that they just were, and what a leap was that.

The alchemy of "Ether Seed Of Ether " has begun and I am now beginning to see it more clearly. Ether being an Oracle of Raven is an altitude I long for as a Navigator. Raven Su.Sane.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Earth Seed Of Water. Boldness

Full moon in Capricorn, what a time for boldness. I begin this day as I begin each day, with a breath of inquiry. I moved quickly from an interrupted dream and l felt only half way in my body and then yet a little sideways. This is said to be an edgy moon, and l feel the Alchemy of it's relocation of my life. What was shadowed in my life is boldly coming forward for me to  acknowledge and draw strength from. To build something completely new from it's unawareness. I court the magnificent smallness I once felt about my life, and bold in the letters that were taken into shadow. I am different and a bit odd, and even a little edgy at times, and this was found fault in, but now at 70 it is my character, my great need for wisdom, and my unyielding fortitude of being true to the boldness of myself, my life, my work, my color, my intuition, my love and divine attachment . Raven Su.Sane

Thursday, June 29, 2017



Today being more relationshipial than most to my own inner dynamics, I take into myself a pleasure of being more ethereal in the center of being very grounded in Gaia, and the architecture of what Robert and I call the Garden Plan, which is in the process of renewal,reconstruction ,and repatterning for the next 50 years. 

I work between the layers of the facets of need, while Robert constructs the foundation into place. Inside this alchemical collaboration is the now speed of water, as it assists our world in the diplomacy we need,  to remain flexible to our own needs and each other's. 

This is a time of ardent flow for me and I must be aware of what I foot into place. I ask for a squared perspective that allows an opening within Water that I can not only flow through, but portal a new pattern into place. 
Raven Su.Sane

Monday, June 13, 2016


The striking effort of this time is orientated to a compliance that adheres to a specific, need and the internal awareness is not yet fully shifted, so a squared perspective can succeed in creating ease 
and transforming the surface for harmony. 

How does one feel the intricacies of these registries? 
To speak in a language that bares the heart open, yet call forth the clarity needed, is to transform the picture into a potent compassionate real estate that reclaims property for all.  

At present I am bent down into a submission that buries my voice, my sight, my wilderness from within, and my Soul is rising up for change, who I am, who I have been, and who i must and will be is submerged. 

Raven is an etherous being, a NAVIGATOR, a transforming force in flight. 

I call upon her to fill me with her etherous wings of transformation and secure my sight, and voice,
into the future, past, and present. So be it. 
Raven Su.Sane. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


This is Valentines Day and it is truly a day of renewal. 

I hold inside myself a reaching that longs for an ability to to make a leap inside  my life of what l understand love is and how I can expand it's radiance in how I see.

 I live in an Intentional Community of 12 and we all see love in many different ways. We are now inside of a leap about how we see love and as an Intentional Community we must come to one Resonance about love to make the leap we will land in the same Place of power. 

This will allow the place of Renewal to embody us.  So l call all the elements of earth seed of ether to assist us in a most wonderful way. 

I call upon the Tibetan word" Pala " father and " Amala"  mother to embody our desire for deep realization. Yes yes yes . Raven Su.Sane 

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Up in the wee early hours like my beloved mentor George Washington Carver. Finding the mutual harmony between my breath and the tension of my creative fire.

I then shifted forum the scattered to what I know best, Pattern. 
I moved imprintsial Patterns from our life work and began to balance on the Bridge between my enthusiastic doer and my idealistic perceived. 

That bridge for me is always these  Imprintsial Patterns. 
They are the compassion folding into life.

George Washington Carver stood on this bridge of pattern all his life, as he researched the needs of mankind.

Raven Su.Sane

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Creating a force that knows how to move more fluidly in a day more grounded in listening. The space that folds gently is needed, because I am thinned by the awareness of a perspective change. 

Taking time into the day, I widen the fold for comfort. 
I reach out to the feather of lightness and invoke a a new planet to dwell. 

The sacred infusion of herbal plentiness supports me, and I become MOTHERWORT.

I root, I climb my back and allow a womb of courage to embody me. 
I am the collaboration of the female and her Need. 

I am raked thru the grasses of sound, and my hair of power is green. 
I am cloaked in the cradle of water.

Raven Su.Sane

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Sitting inside the uncertainties of this time I gravitate toward the of balance of the heat of passion and the gentleness of caution.
Keeping my enthusiasm to move more forward and my mindfulness of where I am as a constant in this time is essential.
To be open and Hawthorned in the same moment is alchemy of this day and I am grateful for this awareness.
To be a constant in one's life in any way is a miracle of the Divine Gesture of being guided as a trustee of one's will to be Presence as Existial. Raven Su.Sane.  This is from The Navigator.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The sacred directs the curve and I wait for the new equation. 
The Alchemical reserve of potency is given room. 
The full fold of the nature of this time begins to merge into the position of alliance. 
I am wholly encompassed by my need and I pull the strength to me.
I take in the will and generate a new elemental alliance that feeds me fully.
I am the water generator that seeds the earth.
Raven Su.Sane